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Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Corps

3378 Chili Ave.

Rochester, NY 14624

2014 - 2015 Staff

Corps Director
Public Relations
Bob Wielgosz
4 Toni Terrace
Rochester, NY 14624
PHONE: 585-455-0623
Assistant Corps Director Vic Genberg
1308 Vroom Rd.
Spencerport NY 14559
Business Manager
Contact to Schedule an Event
Joel Wilson

PHONE: 585-733-5361
Financial Manager Patti Gendreau-Pickering
3378 Chili Ave.
Rochester, NY 14624
President/Board of Directors Margaret Anderson
Board of Directors Margaret Anderson, Dee Darch,
Sarah Twamley, Tom Garrett, Bill McGrath,
Joel Wilson, Shellie Dingle, Steve Miller,
Vic Genberg, Bob Wielgosz
Drum Majors Kacy Dolan, Harold McJury, Bill Christner
Music Director
Kacy Dolan
Brass Instructors Kacy Dolan, Harold McJury
Brass Arrangers Harold McJury, Donny Allen (WDCHOF)
Percussion Arranger
Percussion Instructor
William McGrath Jr. (WDCHOF)
Drill Designers
Drill Instructors
Vic Genberg
Honor Guard Captain Shelley Hochreiter
Color Guard Designers
Color Guard Instructors
Diane Wilson, Doreen Oliver
Color Guard Captain Reva Byczynski
Equipment Management Patti Gendreau-Pickering, Amy Wielgosz
Booster Sales Mindie Garner
Recruiting Team THE ENTIRE CORPS